Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of June 24, 2011

Tip for the week: Extremely sensitive and thin-skinned, this week you wear your heart on your sleeve.

starcatcher (photo credit: yael titzchaki)
(photo credit: yael titzchaki)
MAY 21 – JUNE 21
This is the time for making serious decisions based on experience and not to take a chance on luck. You have so many projects going on, and are spread much too thin. The time has come to call in the experts and divide the load. Just because you are bored, doesn’t mean you need to take on anything new. Finish up what you have and take a vacation! HINT: Before getting into an argument, count to ten and see how flexible you can be.
Your circle of friends may not be as large as some people you know, but you enjoy your friends and are ready to sacrifice a great deal for the people you care about. This is a good week for entertaining and being entertained.
You are very competitive and expect all your hard work to be recognized and appreciated which sometimes leaves you feeling disappointed and discouraged.HINT: Take the time to ensure your partner and/or mate understands exactly what you want.
The time has come for you to take a step back and regroup. For far too long you have been working overtime and your energy level is running low. Take some time this week to catch up on some much needed rest. That means, turn off your phones and ignore your e-mail.
Money and financial matters are not a problem at the moment and this is the time for setting some funds aside. HINT: A conversation with a water sign will be soothing and extremely interesting.
FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20 When discussing a project with another water sign, pay close attention to what this person is saying.
You may not like everything you hear, but you will benefit from the sound advice. An elderly member of your family doesn’t say much, but he/she really appreciates all your care and concern. This is a good week for using some of that excess energy on tackling some work around the house. HINT: Your thinking is more creative than usual and now is the time to put some of your thoughts into words.
JUNE 22 – JULY 22
You may not be the strongest or brightest penny in the box, but you have the sense to know how to shine and people are drawn to you by your wit, caring and understanding.
You learn fast, and that, plus your phenomenal memory, makes you a definite power to be dealt with. This week you will not be able to refrain from voicing your opinion, especially if you feel an injustice is being done.HINT: Time spent with family and old friends is just what you need, so make a few phone calls, pack your bags and enjoy yourself.
This is the week for bold moves and strong action on your part. You know you have worked hard and are ready to increase your activities. Pay attention to the fine print and little details before committing yourself both verbally and in writing. There is more to the story and you simply do not have all the information just yet. You are a very good judge of people and this is the week to let your intuition guide you.HINT: Time spent with an earth sign will demand a little patience on your part, but will be worth it.
DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 19 This is the week for staying home and pampering yourself. All those months of hard work not only are about to pay off, but your good name and professional reputation will clear a path to the place you wish to reach. Family and close friends have always been important and you prefer a small, intimate group of people who really care rather than a large crowd of virtual strangers.
HINT: Take some time this week to go over your finances. Soon you will be planning a trip and the time for saving is now.
You can’t seem to find a quiet corner or a restful place where you can gather your thoughts.
Things will improve by the middle of the week, but until then you are going to have to deal with the frustration. Financially you need to get your affairs in order and if necessary speak with the experts. There is still enough time to make a few minor changes which will have a great impact in the future. HINT: Patience is your password this week.
If you don’t mean it, then don’t say it and if you are not one hundred per cent sure, then wait until you have gathered all the necessary information before venturing an opinion.
People take you at your word and are drawn to you by your strong personality and sense of independence and strength. HINT: It will be difficult for you to take a back seat and let others control the action, but for the next few days that’s exactly what you need to do.
Your thoughts turn to family as you begin planning a reunion. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day and you are torn between work responsibilities and family obligations.
This is a perfect time for you to delegate some of the job to your partner and/or mate who, by the way, will be more than happy to step in and help. HINT: Problems involving plumbing or electrical appliances are expected either at home or at the office. Whatever happens, call in the experts.
JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18 Although you don’t have a great deal of surplus cash, you do have, however, the money you need to make that purchase or plan that trip you have been dreaming of.
For months you have been putting your professional obligations above everything else and now is the time to enjoy the fruits of all your labors. A friend who lives far away is thinking about you and soon you will be able to renew the connection.HINT: This weekend is the perfect time for inviting a few close friends over for an informal meal.
APRIL 20-MAY 20 You continue to argue with yourself about money and spending. On the one hand, there is so much you wish to change in your office or home, and on the other hand, you hate to spend the cash. Instead of aggravating yourself, wait a week or two.
If you feel the same way then, that is when you should call in the architect and contractors. HINT: A conversation with a sibling will cause old memories to rise to the surface—and most of them will be amazingly pleasant.