Revolutionizing beauty

Yullia in Jerusalem, is branch of the chain that has created a presence in Tel Aviv, Ra’anana and Netanya.

Female feet with pedicure (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Female feet with pedicure
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
When I made aliya six years ago from New York City, land of the $20 manicure/pedicure on every corner, one of the biggest surprises was the capital’s lack of accessible beauty services.
Here and there were women doing nails in basements (“Soak your feet in this bucket”) or the odd nail spa that didn’t fully deliver Western-style amenities, but despite the elevated price, there was no real hub for all your aesthetic needs.
All that’s changed with the arrival of Yullia in Jerusalem, a branch of the chain that has created a presence in Tel Aviv, Ra’anana and Netanya. Prices aren’t cheap (though a membership club and packages provide discounts), but the customer feels the difference the second they walk in the airy, luxurious space – replete with traditional pedicure chairs and well-dressed receptionists offering a warm welcome, the latest magazines and coffee, tea or wine.
Every technician is professionally trained, with a full complement of services incorporating high-end products such as Dermalogica: all types of mani/pedis (from brisk to pampering); facials (from anti-aging to anti-acne); laser hair removal (winter being a good time to begin, as skin is less exposed to sun); permanent makeup (for those who just can’t be bothered with eyeliner or lipliner in the morning); and waxing (for men as well!).
Yes, men can feel comfortable in Yullia, and as the salon staff reports, Jerusalem’s male residents have in fact been taking advantage – with haredi men in particular coming in with their wives for back waxes or manicures. Couples (along with sets of mothers/ daughters or friends) have apparently been enjoying the VIP room, where a pair can get treatments in private at no extra cost, as long as they book in advance.
My own manicure/pedicure was an unqualified success. I was pleased to see that in a nod to hygiene and being green, the price includes your own personal nail kit that you keep at the end (and hopefully bring back the next time). The nail treatments were done simultaneously and efficiently, which I appreciated. With many polish shades to choose from – and brands including Essie, OPI and Dior – I opted for dark fall colors, and they were painstakingly applied. I barely recognized my feet, which were still showing the rigors of a long, dusty summer and were finally scrubbed to perfection.
I was a little nonplussed to find that there were no drying stations and I had to sit in the chair, hands on the armrests and tootsies in front of me, and let the polish dry naturally – but it dried just the same in the end.
I also tried out the Hair & Makeup Express, a menu offering swift hairstyling and makeup application created by famous hair and makeup artists Anat Razmovitch and Einat Sberlo.
Home in on “smoky eyes” or “red carpet lips,” or have your tresses manipulated into a “ballerina bun” or a “celebrity fishtail.” I enjoyed the futuristic airbrushing makeup, which expertly whooshed on primer, foundation, blusher and highlighter using air (a lot more comfortable than having someone brush on liquid a few centimeters from your face), and loved my “royal crown braid,” a 360-degree braid that made me feel like a medieval princess.
Throughout the evening, the parade of well-tailored folks included seminary girls, returning customers (“The facials here are the best!” gushed Emily) – both residents and tourists – and even a woman who had made aliya the day before.
Open late, the salon is happy to accommodate groups such as wedding guests and bachelorette parties. 16 King David Street 1-700-707-606 The writer was a guest of Yullia.