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Mayumana show (photo credit: REUTERS)
Mayumana show
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Checking with Chekhov Christopher Durang happily admits to borrowing from iconic Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. That is clear from the American play - wright’s comedy Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike , which will start a run at the Haifa Theater on October 9.
This co-production of the Haifa Theater and Cameri Theater tells the tale of three middle-aged single siblings, two of whom live together.
The play is set in a cherry orchard – referencing one of Chekhov’s most recognizable themes – and like the Russian work, Durang’s play also features the impending loss of the siblings’ ancestral home.
The Cameri-Haifa Theater version, directed by Moshe Naor, includes some energized younger characters, such as a prophetic housekeeper, Spike the young male lover, and an ambitious young actress.
Meanwhile, the eponymous siblings are at a different stage of life, but learn an important lesson about themselves.
The cast includes Tiki Dayan, Rami Baruch and Gal Amitai.
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A sense of belonging The Arab-Jewish Theater in Jaffa will put on a performance of Eliran Caspi’s play Belonging tomorrow at 9 p.m.
The play is based on the real- life story of Yehudit Herman, who, for 12 years, was a member of a group of women and children who were controlled by one man. When police dis - banded the commune, Her - man returned to her parents’ home as a mother of four with a fifth on the way, and had to deal with the breakup of a group that she had considered her real family for 12 years.
Belonging not only tells Herman’s story, but takes a critical look at Israeli society in general.
Caspi also directs and produces the play, which Liraz Hamami performs.
For tickets and more information: (03) 518-5563
Different angles MoBY – Museums of Bat Yam – is hosting the new “Horizon - tal Photography” exhibition.
The show, which will run until January 10, offers a comprehensive look at four decades of work by photographer, teacher and philosopher Aïm Düelle Lüski.
The exhibition is based around 12 cameras that Düelle Lüski designed and built starting in the late 1970s. The designs were inspired by tra - ditional film cameras, which Düelle Lüski deconstructed in an effort reconsider the basic tenets of the art form and ex - amine the meanings of concepts such as photographer, landscape, perspective and the subject of a photograph.
“Photography in Dark Times” is the result of a three- decade-long discourse be - tween Düelle Lüski and the show’s curator, Dr. Ariella Azulay, and offers members of the public an opportunity to get a close look at a piece of photographic equipment that Düelle Lüski designed for the event and that takes 32 shots in various directions.
A workshop taking place during the exhibition run will examine Düelle Lüski’s work and consider photography as an experimental art form.
For more information: (03) 659-1140 Moving to music The BodyWays Festival will take place at Kibbutz Givat Haviva September 25-27. The three day event features a packed program of activities and shows connected to move - ment, dance and music, based on dance disciplines from around the world such as tan - go, African dance, salsa, tap dancing and flamenco. There will also be acrobatics and circus performances, physical theater and performance art.
In addition, the festival pro - gram features workshops on a wide range of movement-relat - ed subjects, including contact and improvisation, free dance, eastern arts and acrobatics.
There will be lectures and discussion-based slots with seasoned professionals such as members of the Vertigo dance company, circus artist Orit Nevo, flamenco dancer Sharon Sagie and acrobalance artist Avner Vinai.
For tickets and more information: