Tel Aviv Street Style

Style Coach Elana Shap and photographer Natalie Muallem search for style in a trendy corner of Tel Aviv.

Fashion in Tel Aviv (photo credit: NATALIE MUALLEM,NASA/BARRY WILMORE)
Fashion in Tel Aviv
The Rothschild 1 complex provided a perfect location for our street style search. A combination of high-end boutiques, ritzy concrete and glass office towers, it surrounds a plaza that houses the Nahum Gutman mosaic depicting the history of Tel Aviv. The area provides an eclectic blend of styles: a mix of the artsy, trendy set spilling over from nearby Neveh Tzedek, and the professionals who come down from their plush offices. So, who did we meet?
Talia, boutique assistant at Bellinky
We couldn’t miss photographing Talia with her original ethno-chic style.
We love your velvet sharwal pants, which you’ve paired with rugged Blundstone boots. How did you put it together?
I bought the pants at a secondhand store for NIS 20, and the top is my own design; I studied fashion design at Avni [Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv].
Did you always like putting looks together?
Ever since I was a child, I loved sewing and making clothes.
Is your head covering connected to a particular religious group?
Some people call it “Safed style.”
Is it difficult and time-consuming to put on?
Not at all, it’s very quick and easy.
Do you have a favorite color?
I love off-white, as there are a million different shades of it.
You also seem to love combining different fabrics – your top is linen and your trousers are velvet?
I love to mix fabrics, and in winter it’s easier than summer – as you can layer textures more.
Alice, pattern-making student
We literally ran after Alice when we caught sight of her quirky hat. Thankfully, her dog Lucy found something interesting and made her slow down the pace.
Do you always wear hats?
Yes, I love hats and have a huge collection. This one reminds me of the movie Gummo, where the boy always wears a hat with rabbit ears.
What brands do you like to wear?
My own, first of all; It’s called FTOG (Fade to Gray) and I am launching it this summer. The lines are geometric and it’s a minimalistic look. I guess that comes from my graphic design training.
Your earrings are also geometrical. Where are they from?
They are by a talented local jewelry designer, Jenny Sheriff, who does a lot of interesting work with triangles.
Do you live near here?
Yes, I live near Shalom Towers nearby. This is an upscale area, but we are also on the border of south Tel Aviv, so a few streets away it’s a very different vibe. I love the mix.
Benjamin, law student
While everyone else was wrapped up in winter woolies, we saw Benjamin – sleeves rolled up, catching a weak ray of sun on a bench in the plaza.
You are not dressed for this cold winter day. How come?
I’m here on holiday from Berlin, and this is very mild weather for me. Is this winter?
We like your look – casual but trendy with those pointy shoes, and you’ve managed to pick up the green of your checked shirt in your stone-green trousers.
I guess I am enjoying being as casual as I can be. Soon I will graduate as a lawyer in Germany, and I will have to wear black robes.
You have a very stylish bag that I see is from the Italian company The Bridge?
Yes, I bought it 10 years ago and it lasts forever. It cost a lot, but I think it was worth it; in fact, the older it gets the better it looks.
What do you think of style in Tel Aviv?
It’s my first time here and I think people look very trendy, although it’s definitely a very casual place. There are many offices around here, and look how people are dressed for work.
Michal, interior designer
We cajoled Michal into speaking with us about her style as she was finishing up a business meeting at Courcelles bakery and bistro. An interior designer working on a project in one of the upmarket apartment towers nearby, she reflected a sense of understated luxury – with her gray cashmere scarf and suede jacket with sheepskin collar.
How do you define your style?
I call it classic with an update. I’m not a slave to fashion, but I like designer brands such as Stella McCartney and Tod’s for bags and shoes.
Do you always wear low-key colors like you are wearing today?
No, it’s just the weather that makes me want to tone things down. And see, I am adding a burst of color with my dark plum nail polish; it’s Essie, by the way.
Do you have a signature perfume?
No, I vary what I wear between three or so perfumes. I’ve been wearing Hermes and Chanel for quite a while, and I also love Molecule 01.
Elana Shap ( is a style coach who is passionate about helping people, no matter their age or shape, look and feel great.
Natalie Muallem ( is a photographer who specializes in commercial and family portraits.