Abu Dhabi restaurant becomes city's first to receive kashrut certificate

Elli's Kosher Kitchen was awarded not one, but two kosher certificates, the first in Abu Dhabi.

A feast for kosher carnivores (photo credit: AFIK GABBAY)
A feast for kosher carnivores
(photo credit: AFIK GABBAY)
Abu Dhabi now has it's first official kosher restaurant, as Elli's Kitchen has become the first in the city to be granted a kashrut certification from rabbinical authorities. The award follows the recent historic normalization deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.
Tweeting a copy of the certificate, the official Twitter account for the State of Israel in Arabic commented: "A small step, but with big implications after the historic peace agreement between #UAE-Israel, on the eve of the reception of tourists and businessmen from Israel. Visits are just around the corner."
The tweet indicates the warm relations anticipated by both countries. Leaders have made it clear that they want not merely peace between the two nations, but cooperation across the board, from tourism to banking to collaborating in the fight against the coronavirus.
The certificate was awarded to Elli's Kosher Kitchen, a restaurant launched by a Jewish ex-pat after she moved to the city with her family in 2013 and realized there was a gap in provision for kosher Jews in the area.
As the restaurant's website explains, Elli's "appreciation for traditional Jewish and kosher food has made it difficult to eat in restaurants. Therefore she decided to invite people into her own kitchen – and Elli’s Kosher Kitchen was born!"
Elli keeps two separate kitchens, one dairy and the other meat, in order to meet the strict kosher protocols. Both had been open to inspection by visiting rabbis, but Elli's Kosher Kitchen had never been formally issued a kosher certification – until now.
In fact, the business was awarded two certificates.On Monday night, Elli's Kosher Kitchen teamed up with OU to cater a dinner for officials and journalists at the St Regis Abu Dhabi. Rabbi Yissachar Krakowski, the director of OU Israel, flew to the city especially to oversee the preparations for the kosher meal, issuing a certificate for the hotel premises for one night only. Elli's kitchens will be awarded their own certificate when she moves to new premises, she revealed in a tweet.