kosher food

Come for the chopped liver,  stay for the meat
Kosher deli chef will compete on Food Network’s ‘Chopped’

“When they approached me, I called my rabbi to consult,” Yehudiel said.

A slaughterer transports beef carcasses at the Biernacki Meat Plant slaughterhouse in Golina near Ja
EU court consultant: Countries should not be allowed to ban kosher, halal meat

A similar debate is taking place in Europe and beyond about the nonmedical circumcision of boys.

Kashrut by royal decree: The UAE delegation’s kosher supervisor speaks

Rabbi Yissachar Krakowski was a guest of the Emirati royal court, which spared no expense to make sure kashrut observers ate as well and as elegantly as anyone else • WZO sends emissaries to Dubai

Abu Dhabi restaurant becomes city's first to receive kashrut certificate

Elli's Kosher Kitchen was awarded not one, but two kosher certificates, the first in Abu Dhabi.

Rabbinate OKs external supervision in kashrut licensing, market opens

Tzohar kashrut division describes development as ‘historic’ and ‘revolutionary’ in allowing independent kashrut supervision authorities to operate legally

Pandemic shatters kosher Polish cafe’s success and a husband-wife reunion

The restaurant that had been thriving is in danger of going under now that tourism to Tarnow has dropped to a virtual crawl.

On induction cookers, non-Jews and God

The kashrut monopoly in Israel has been somewhat eroded, but is still alive and kicking.

Goose liver
You can now eat glatt kosher foie gras in Israel

Prior to the decision, only non-glatt kosher foie gras was available for consumption.

Kosher Response prepares meals to deliver to those in need
Kosher Response aims to aid families in need and help local businesses

"With the many, many requests I've been getting to help families in need, we decided to take Kosher Response to a Phase 2."

Holy bagels! Lox, lax or smoked salmon?

A bagel can also be spelled beigel, beygl (Yiddish) or bajgiel (Polish).

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