Al-Sadr blasts Baghdad security plan

The leader of Iraq's biggest Shi'ite militia complained Sunday that bombs "continue to explode" in Baghdad and that US-led security crackdown is doomed to fail, adding that Iraqi forces should operate independently of the US "occupiers." Many Shi'ites believe that bombings have continued because the Shi'ite-led government bowed to American pressure and convinced radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to take his Mahdi Army fighters off the streets. Al-Sadr's statement, read to his followers in Sadr City, is likely to add pressure on US and Iraqi forces to show results in the nearly two-week-old crackdown. "I'm certain, just like all oppressed Iraqis are certain, that no security plan will work and no good will come of any occupier," al-Sadr said in the statement. "Here we are, watching booby trapped cars exploding to harvest thousands of innocent lives from our beloved people in the middle of a security plan that is controlled by an occupier who does as he pleases."