Egyptian play suggests Mossad behind Arab Spring

“The Spy,” aired on the Al-Hayat TV channel, implies that Israel's Intelligence Agency, Mossad, is behind the Arab unrest.

Egyptian anti-Semetic play. (photo credit: screenshot)
Egyptian anti-Semetic play.
(photo credit: screenshot)
Egyptian TV aired an anti-Semitic Egyptian play that portrays Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency as being behind the Arab uprisings.
The play, The Spy, aired on January 31 on Al-Hayat TV, showed a scene that took place at Mossad headquarters, according to a report by MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute).
The scene opened with Mossad officials listening to a Jewish child singing a song by one of Egypt’s most important cultural icons – singer Umm Kulthum – and her song “Enta Omri.”
One of the Mossad officials, all of whom are named Binyamin, asks the other why he is crying whenever he hears the song, and another says that the boy Elisha sings it better than Kulthum.
A female Mossad officer then asks, “Binyamin, do you think that the Egyptians stole this tune from us, or vice versa?” One of the officers responds, “They stole it from us, of course – just like they stole the Pyramids and the Sphinx,” according to the transcript of the video by MEMRI.
Umm Kulthum, who was also known as The Star of the East and who died in 1975, was perhaps the Arab world’s most popular singer. She grew up in a rural village and moved to Cairo with her family like many others who sought a better life in the city. She sang in various genres, from religious to nationalistic songs, and broadcast legendary concerts monthly from Cairo from the 1930s to the 1970s.
Later the official says, “Our perspective is a simple and humble one. All we want is to control the whole world. Long live Israel!” All the officials then start to chant, “Long live Israel!” One of the officers then says there is preparation for “a huge operation of espionage and sowing disunity” to take place in Egypt and in the entire Arab world.
“Today begins the most important of the Arab Spring revolution,” another officer says.