Arab doctors to meet in Jordan to probe allegations Arafat poisoned

Nearly five years after former Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat died by what French doctors called a massive brain hemorrhage, Arab doctors will meet in Jordan to probe rumors Arafat was poisoned - a suspicion that has lingered years after his death. Arafat's death November 11, 2004 at a military hospital outside of Paris almost immediately spawned speculation he'd been killed by Israel who viewed him as an obstacle to concluding a peace treaty. The 75-year-old Arafat who led the Palestinian movement for almost 40 years fell violently ill in his Ramallah compound in October 2004 and two weeks later was evacuated to a French hospital where he died. At the time, French doctors bound by strict privacy rules were tight-lipped on Arafat's condition, and his widow refused an autopsy. Adding to the speculation, Palestinian leaders have never given a definitive cause of Arafat's death.