Death toll from sunken Lebanon migrant boat rises to 94

The fatalities continue to grow in numbers after a ship carrying migrants from Lebanon sank.

Lebanon ship sinks 248.88 (photo credit: )
Lebanon ship sinks 248.88
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The death toll from a migrant boat that sank off the Syrian coast after sailing from Lebanon earlier this week has risen to 94, after more bodies were recovered from Syria's Baniyas coast on the Mediterranean, Syrian state TV said on Saturday.

It is the deadliest such voyage yet from Lebanon, where mounting economic desperation has led many to board often rickety and overcrowded boats in the hope of reaching Europe.

Where have bodies of victims been found?

Syrian authorities began finding bodies off the coast of the northern port city of Tartus on Thursday afternoon. The Syrian transport ministry quoted survivors as saying the boat had left from Lebanon's northern Minyeh region on Tuesday with between 120 and 150 people on board, bound for Europe.