Assad in Jordan for first time since 2005

Visit meant as an attempt to heal rift between two countries ahead of upcoming Arab League summit.

assad and abdullah ready for love 298.88 (photo credit: )
assad and abdullah ready for love 298.88
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The Syrian president and the king of Jordan agreed on Friday that Arabs must achieve a unified stance in the face of regional challenges, according to a statement from the palace in Amman. The statement followed a brief visit by President Bashar Assad to Jordan in an effort to patch up ties ahead of an upcoming Arab League summit later this month. The Royal Palace statement said King Abdullah and Assad stressed the importance of reconciliation between Palestinian factions - a push for that hit an impasse Thursday when Egyptian-mediated talks between the sides broke down without a deal on a national unity government. This was Assad's first visit to Jordan since 2005 and it followed the Syrian president's meeting last week with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait. Syria has been feuding with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan over several issues - especially its close alliance with Iran and certain Palestinian and Lebanese groups. The palace statement also said Abdullah and Assad discussed the Arab peace initiative, which calls for an Israeli withdrawal from all occupied Arab lands and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. The initiative was first introduced by Saudi Arabia but has won approval of other Arab states. Assad later returned to Damascus.