At least 19 killed, 85 injured in explosion at Hamas rally

Mofaz: Israel holds the PA responsible for maintaining calm in Gaza.

A pickup truck carrying masked terrorists blew up at a Hamas rally at the Jebaliya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip on Friday. At least least 19 Palestinians were killed and 85 injured, hospital doctors said. Hamas claimed that Israeli aircraft flew overhead during the rally and fired on demonstrators. Due to the increased allegations accusing of Israel of involvement in the incident, the IDF issued a statement: "The IDF is not involved in any way in the explosion that occurred this evening in Jebaliya. All attempts to accuse [the IDF] or implicate the army's involvement by certain elements are baseless and unfounded. The IDF views seriously attempts to use the incident as an excuse to attack Israel." In addition to Palestinian accusations leveled at Israel, the Fatah blamed Hamas for the explosion. Channel Two reported that while conflicting reports were received, the truck appeared to have been carrying a number of missiles, one of which exploded due to mishanding. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, in messages conveyed to Palestinian Authority officials, declared that Israel holds the PA responsible for the situation and expects it to ensure that calm prevails. Initial reports indicated that Ahmed Randoul, a key figure in Hamas, was either killed or seriously injured in the explosion. Israeli security forces have neither confirmed nor denied this. Ten of the injured were in serious condition, hospital doctors said. Witnesses said participants crowded around the pickup truck carrying terrorists when the explosion went off. One man, who only gave his first name, Hussam, said he helped pull three men out of the pickup, two dead and one man who was still alive, but had a leg severed. The side of the pickup was charred. The witness said he saw five dead children nearby. Dozens of children were wounded in the blast. The Hamas military wing, Izzedine al Qassam, is popular with youngsters. When the pickup with the gunmen arrived at the rally, many children crowded around the vehicle. After the blast, men carried bloody body parts and lifeless bodies wrapped in blankets to nearby cars. The dead and wounded were taken to nearby hospitals. Doctors said 85 people were injured. At Shifa, doctors had to treat patients on the floor of the emergency room because they ran out of beds. Masked Hamas men wheeled in casualties, including children.
Click here to send us your comments >> Mickey, NY: How dare you celebrate the deaths of your enemies! Have you learned nothing of our past or from our Holy Scriptures? Do you not recall the words of Hashem when the liberated Jews celebrated as their enemies were swallowed in the Sea of Reeds? Children are not born with hate. The innocent children could be your own. Let us no longer celebrate the tragic death begot from the Matsav [situation]. Rather, let us mourn and pray for their souls so that they may lead a righteous life in eternity. Eric Svetcov, Mountain View, USA: Is it possible to nominate these amazing examples of humanity for a Darwin Award? David Mermelstein, Philadelphia, USA: Couldn't happen to more deserving folks - next time let them blow the whole Gaza strip up. D. Mayer, Jerusalem: I've been waiting for a sign from Ha Shem that justice will be done with regard to the burning of the synagogue buildings in Gush Katif. This is that sign. The murderers blew themselves up! Couldn't have happened to a more deserving crew! And thank you, Ha Shem! Charles, London: What a sad tragedy that children too are blown apart by the malice and carelessness of their elders! Shameful, poor and debased people of Gaza. Will Hamas' evil incitement ever be tackled seriously by those who take such interest in Israel? Takan, Eilat: Maybe now Abbas will have a strong enough excuse to expect all militias to move toward disarming the territories and allowing only officials to carry weapons in the street. If this doesn't help Abbas, nothing will. Debbie Hameister, Melbourne, Australia: Now why didn't Israel give them some land a long time ago and let them worry about the "greed power" and in-house killing without us lifting a finger? If you look at Iraq its not the "infidels" killing their so called brothers so is it the Zionists to blame for that too? R.J. Keller, Boston, MA: The barbarity and evil nature of Hamas are only matched by their amazing zealous stupidity. Jacob Gore, Denver, CO, USA: I would feel very sorry for people unexpectedly blown up in a bus explosion... if they weren't celebrating an organization that takes pride in unexpectedly blowing up people in bus explosions. Mauricio, Brazil: Finally some good news about Gaza and Hamas, may God give them more and more of their own venom... DAVID, USA: IT CAN'T GET ANY BETTER! ENEMIES KILLED IN THEIR OWN FIRE! GOD BLESS ISRAEL! Rabbi Yakov Lazaros, USA: The Israeli army had nothing to do with this explosion. This was an act of G-d. Jay, USA: What comes around, goes around. Nothing like a taste of their own medicine. It looks like Allah is sending these scumbags a message. ENRICO, MARDID, SPAIN: THE PALESTINIANS ARE SQUANDERING ANOTHER BIG OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW THAT THEY ARE WORTHY OF JOINING EUROPE AND JOINING THE CIVILIZED WORLD. THEY NOW HAVE NO MORE EXCUSES, NO MORE SOB STORIES THAT THEY ARE OCCUPIED. THEY HAVE BEEN SELF-DESTRUCTIVE AND REMAIN SELF-DESTRUCTIVE! WHAT A PITY, WHAT A WASTE! David, Southfield: Couldn't happen to nicer people... Mark Rosenblit, West Hartford, CT, USA: Kol HaKavod! Freddy Faust: I think that it is about time that Hamas get a taste of their own medicine. Mike K, Woodbridge, VA, USA: Hamas have their eyes on the PA/PLO government. If they win a majority of the seats they will find a way to start a war. ALL terrorists IN PA/PLO TERRITORY MUST BE SENT INTO EXILE SO PEACE AND CHANGE CAN MOVE SMOOTHLY. THAT IS ABU MAZEN'S JOB BUT HE IS AFRAID TO MAKE WAVES WITH terrorists. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW PEACE UNLESS YOU ARE HONEST W/YOURSELF AND WANT PEACE. David Nickolas Delich: Whenever there is any trouble in a Palestinian area, they always blame it on Israelis. Whether the accusation is true or untrue some Palestinians will attempt to use the incident as an excuse to attack Israel. We know this to be true by looking at recent history. Keeping the above statement in mind, I feel that this is why the recent Gaza withdrawl was preformed. Now, with no Israelis inside Gaza to attack, retribution becomes much more difficult and dangerous for the Palestinian extremist to perform. Yes, I agree it is still possible for an extremist to attack Israel and Israelis, but with the withdrawl of all Israeli interest from Gaza it is no longer as easy as simply attacking your next door neighbor. Finally, the Gaza withdrawl appears to be bearing fruit. Best wishes! Abdel Karim Salim Sharif, Jerusalem, ISRAEL: It simply serves them right. Their magnified nose should be somewhat smashed after this event. Dan Jacobson: Let us thank god for small favors!