Bombs and mortars strike mosques in Baghdad area

Bombs and mortars struck mosques on both sides of the sectarian divide in the Baghdad area Friday, the latest in a week of attacks that have killed more than 250 people. The deadliest explosion occurred as worshippers were leaving after the main weekly services at a Sunni mosque in northern Baghdad, killing 14 people and wounding five, police said. The attack occurred despite a weekly four-hour driving ban starting at 11:00 a.m. in the capital to prevent car bombs that have frequently targeted Friday prayers. Earlier Friday, five mortar rounds fell near the Shi'ite Imam al-Hussein mosque in Balad Ruz, 70 kilometers (45 miles) northeast of Baghdad, killing two people and wounding six, provincial police said. The strikes against the mosques were the latest in a week of tit-for-tat sectarian attacks that have killed more than 250 people, including 41 Sunnis who were gunned down during a rampage by Shi'ite militiamen in western Baghdad on Sunday.