Bush: Mideast nations must reject 'spoliers' such as Iran, Syria

Israel got glowing praise from US President George W. Bush. The Arab world is getting renewed promises, but also a bit of a lecture. Bush is presenting Middle Eastern leaders with a long to-do list on Sunday: bring about freer economic markets, enact political reforms that move toward democratic governments, allow greater participation in society for women and young people, and "reject spoilers such as the regimes in Iran and Syria." Bush said that in the speech, which will cap his five-day Mideast trip, he will urge the region's leaders to "embrace the changes necessary for a day when societies across the Middle East are based on justice, tolerance, and freedom." His message is aimed at countries in the region where the political and civil systems are far from free, including Egypt, the host of the gathering. But the president's point that Arab leaders also must "move past old grievances" could be read as a push to get on with making peace with Israel and supporting US-backed efforts to forge a deal between Israelis and Palestinians.