Busted: The 'recruits'

Lebanon's As-Safir newspaper says the following people worked for Israeli intelligence: • Adeeb Asad Siman al-Am was allegedly recruited in 1994 through his cousin who also spied for Israel. He supposedly met with Israeli agents inside the Palestinian territories and in Italy, and reported on the locations of Syrian assets and Lebanese security officials inside Lebanon. • Ziyad Ahmad Hamsi was allegedly recruited in 2006 after meeting with an Israeli intelligence officer in Bangkok, and worked to reactivate dormant Israeli spy networks inside Lebanon. • Said Taniyus al-Am was supposedly recruited in 1990 and helped to recruit spies inside the refugee camps. • Ali Hussein Mantish was allegedly recruited in 2005 and is considered one of the most important captures by the Lebanese. He is a shop owner and his brother worked as an escort to one the leaders of the Shi'ite Amal movement. He supposedly traveled to Israel to meet with intelligence agents several times. • Nasir Mahmoud Nadir was recruited in 2001 and met with intelligence officers inside the Palestinian territories, according to As-Safir. He is accused of helping in the assassination of top Hizbullah commander Ghalib Awali in 2004. • Eely Yaqub al-Am was reportedly recruited in 2006 and was a former drug smuggler into Israel who revealed a number of Hizbullah sources. • Aqid Shahid Shahada Tumiya was allegedly recruited in 1996 and met with Israeli intelligence officers in Europe and Israel, who provided him with fax and GPS technology. • Judat Salman al-Hakim was allegedly recruited in 1990. She is accused of meeting with Israeli intelligence officers in Europe and Israel, and worked escorting Hizbullah operatives throughout Beirut's southern suburbs. She also assisted in the assassination of Awali, according to the report. • Sa'ib Muhammad A'un was supposedly recruited in 1999 and provided information on the Lebanese security and military establishment. The other suspects were named as Mustafa Muhammad Hassan Said, Aqid Mansour Habeeb Diyab, Fuzi Taniyus al-Am, Haithem Rajah Jamil al-Sahmrani, Anour Muhammad Sa'd al-Din, Jaris Alyas Farh, Jan Fouad Zankul, Hasan Ahmad al-Hussein, Hiyat Kaazhiya al-Salumi, Hasan Ahmad Shahab, Hussein Mahmoud Musa, Ali Hasan Ghasin and Muhammad al-Said Muhammad Radun.