Watch: The latest trend Egyptians are using to vent fury

Cairo rage room provides outlet for stress.

Cairo rage room provides outlet for stress (credit: REUTERS)
Residents of the Egyptian capital have a new outlet to release frustrations built up living in a crowded megacity.
Armed with a baseball bat and offered an array of targets ranging from old televisions to clay urns and wooden chairs, angry Cairenes can vent their fury in a choice of six "rage rooms".
Ahmed Nassrat set up the venture, called Unleashed, with his brother Mazen last month.
"Whether it's in a silly argument or something else, sometimes you want to let it all out, but many social factors stop, so you can come to this place to release negative energy. That's the idea of this place," Ahmed said.
For a fee, clients are outfitted in protective gear from head to toe and led into one of the six rooms where they can hack away at the objects of their anger.
The brothers wanted to create a space where people can go to get active and simultaneously let off steam, Mazen said, adding he first learned of the concept while studying in Canada.
Clients were already feeling the positive effect of time spent in the rage rooms.
"Honestly, it's the best feeling in the world - to release your frustration about work and your day and everything. Many people consider the concept violent, but it isn't violent at all. It's the best feeling in the world," said Doaa Khaled, on her third visit. She said the relief it provided kept her coming back.
Clients at Unleashed can purchase different packages based on their 'rage level' and how much anger they hope to relieve.
And the two brothers hope that their new business idea will help bring a sense of calm to busy and stressed out Egyptians.