Clinton: Peace talks are 'complicated,' will 'take time'

US Secretary of State says she doesn't think a limited extension in settlement building will undermine peace process, settlements have always been major issue, leaders speaking about most difficult issues.

Clinton Channel 10 311 (photo credit: Channel 10 news)
Clinton Channel 10 311
(photo credit: Channel 10 news)
Current peace talks will "take time" and are "complicated" US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton told Channel 10 news in an exclusive interview on Thursday.
"I don't think a limited extension will undermine the process going forward if there were a decision agreed to by both parties," Clinton said about the possibility of extending the settlement construction moratorium in the West Bank.
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"We have stated that we think that it is in the interest of the negotiations...our settlement policy has been unchanged for years...the issue of settlements has always been a major issue," Clinton said. "If we're going to have an agreement on territory....everybody knows settlements will be discussed. It is something that cannot be put under the rug."
"I understand the position of both leaders...the US believes that we need to establish an environment which is conducive to negotiations," she added.
When asked whether she thinks Jerusalem will ever be divided, Clinton said that this is only the beginning of difficult negotiations on all core issues. "I am not going to prejudge...the leaders are not wasting time and are speaking about the most difficult issues," she said.
Earlier Thursday, Clinton said she is convinced that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas are trying to seek common ground in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Clinton spoke from Amman, Jordan where she was meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah.
"They are committed and they have begun to grapple with the hard but necessary questions," she said, shortly before leaving for the US "I am convinced that this is the time and these are the leaders to achieve the result we all seek."