Egypt: Palestinians aided Sinai bombers

Two Palestinians had helped fund and train members of an Egyptian terrorist group blamed for bombings in Sinai, Egyptian authorities said Tuesday. An Interior Ministry statement said a Palestinian it named as only Abu Suleiman provided the Egyptian group with money. Another Palestinian, identified by the statement as Maged al-Deri, trained members of the group in the use of explosives and firearms in the Gaza Strip. The statement described Abu Suleiman and al-Deri as Muslim extremists, but did not elaborate. A third Palestinian, Tamer al-Nasserat, was planning to come to Egypt to carry out attacks, it said. It was the first time that Egypt made such a specific link between the Sinai bombings - which killed 120 people, including foreigners, and targeted tourist installations - to activist Palestinians in the Gaza strip. Tuesday's statement said el-Mallahi had sent for training in Gaza the three suicide bombers who carried out bombings last month in the Sinai resort of Dahab.