Egyptian court sentences 2 police officers to prison for torture

An Egyptian court sentenced two police officers to three years in prison each Monday for torturing a minibus driver after his arrest, in a high-profile case that called new attention to police brutality here. The incident caused national uproar after a cell phone video of the officers sexually abusing the victim, Emad el-Kabir, 22, was leaked to bloggers and appeared on the Internet. El-Kabir rejoiced in the courtroom upon hearing the verdict against his assailants - Islam Nabih, a police captain, and Reda Fathi, a noncommissioned officer. "God is great! Thank God!" shouted el-Kabir. "I regained my right. I don't want anything more than that." His eyes full of tears of joy. "I feared only God, and God rewarded me, I'm happy," he added.