Egyptian FM: Lieberman doesn't represent Israeli policy

Ahmed Aboul Gheit says he did not listen to FM's speech since his stance does not interest him; says Lieberman speaks with no logic.

aboul gheit egypt FM 311 ap (photo credit: AP)
aboul gheit egypt FM 311 ap
(photo credit: AP)
Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman does not represent Israel's foreign policy Egyptian Foreign Minister Aboul Gheit told Al-Arabiya network on Wednesday, Israel Radio reported.
According to the report, Gheit said he did not listen to Lieberman's UN General Assembly Speech on Wednesday since Lieberman's stance does not interest him.
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It is known that Lieberman has a habit of talking a lot without necessarily using logic or being aware of the framework in which he speaks, said the Egyptian foreign minister.
Addressing the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday, Lieberman recommended a “two-staged” solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that “could take a few decades,” and said a final status agreement would entail “not land-for-peace, but rather, exchange of populated territory.” Lieberman said a “long-term intermediate agreement” prior to final status agreements would most likely be necessary as a first component of a “two-staged” solution.
Lieberman stressed that he was not advocating population transfer as part of a final status agreement, but rather, stating that “moving borders to better reflect demographic realities” would be part of an effort to recognize and address the deep-seated friction between the two nations.
Aboul Gheit said that he was skeptic of peace talks despite the international efforts and that Palestinians would not be capable of remaining in negotiations as a result of Israel not extending the West Bank settlement construction moratorium.