Egyptian official: Take IDF Gaza threats seriously

Intelligence officer Hammad: Talks between Palestinian factions positive, sides showed flexibility.

gunman hamas 88 298 (photo credit: AP [file])
gunman hamas 88 298
(photo credit: AP [file])
Senior Egyptian intelligence official Burhan Hammad urged Palestinians to take threats of an IDF Gaza incursion seriously, Israel Radio reported Thursday morning. In an interview with the "Voice of Palestine" radio station, the Egyptian official, who is based in the Gaza Strip, added that activity in Gaza would not bring about the desired calm. Speaking of his recent meeting with representatives of Palestinian factions, Hammad said that the talks had been positive, and expressed hope that the talks would lead to satisfactory results. According to Hammad, the parties at the meeting reached an understanding that the situation was dangerous, and demonstrated flexibility. An Arabic radio journalist noted that Hammad did not mention whether the parties had agreed to stop the rocket fire against Israel.