Eight car bombs rock Baghdad; none killed

Insurgents exploded eight car bombs in Baghdad on Sunday in separate attacks throughout the capital, but caused relatively few casualties, police said. Thirteen people were wounded, and no one was killed, police said. The first car bomb exploded at 8:15 a.m. in northern Baghdad as an Iraqi army patrol was passing. Two soldiers were wounded, police Lt. Bilal Ali Majid said. Two civilians were wounded by a suicide car bomber who exploded his vehicle at 9 a.m., said Lt. Thair Mahmoud. Just about four kilometers (two miles) mile away, police had found another suspected car bomb and tried to defuse it. It exploded but caused no casualties, Mahmoud said. A fourth car bomb exploded near a restaurant about a half hour later, causing no injuries, said police Lt. Falah al-Mahammadawi. Around 10 a.m., a car bomb in a parking lot wounded one person, said police Capt. Haidr Ibrahim said. Five minutes later a car bomb exploded in eastern Baghdad, injuring no one, 1st Lt. Haidr Kamil said. At 10:10 a.m., a seventh car bomb exploded, injuring eight civilians, said police Capt. Ziyad Naji. An eighth car bomb exploded in eastern Baghdad near a small amusement park, causing no damage, said Capt. Mohammed Abdul Ghani.