Fayyad slams IDF's killing of two Hamas terrorists

Hamas vows revenge for IDF Hebron attack; 2 terrorists killed were previously imprisoned in Israel; Barak lauds IDF over operation.

311_Ak47s from hebron Hamas (photo credit: Courtesy of IDF Spokeperson's Unit)
311_Ak47s from hebron Hamas
(photo credit: Courtesy of IDF Spokeperson's Unit)
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salem Fayyad responded harshly to the IDF's killing of two Hamas terrorists on Friday.
"The path to peace does not come by way of killing our citizens, harming them, establishing settlements or the terror of settlers," said Fayyad.
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Earlier on Friday, Hamas's military-wing threatened revenge for the IDF's attack in Hebron that killed a senior Hamas operative an another Hamas activist in the city responsible for a recent deadly terror attack against Israelis.
"This cowardly act calls for a response in an appropriate manner, place and time," said an Izzadin al-Kassam Brigades spokesman.
The senior Hamas man killed was Nashaath al-Karmi aged 33 and orginally from the West Bank city of Tulkarm. Karm was freed from an Israeli prison in August 2009 where he was imprisoned for terror-related activities and quickly returned to working for Izzadine al-Kassam Brigades. The second Palestinian killed, Mamoun Natsha, 24, was a low-level Hamas activist from Hebron who had been imprisoned in Israel for several months in 2008.
Hamas's leadership took the opportunity of Friday's attack to disparage the potential for successful peace talks.
"The crime this morning [in Hebron] is a slape in the face for all those who are still betting on their relations with the occupation and continue negotiations with it," said Hamas spokesman Abu Obeida.
Also on Friday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak lauded the IDF and security forces for the successful operation in Hebron Friday morning.
"The actions in Hebron are a rapid response to the murder of four Israelis in August of this year near Kiryat Arba. The IDF and security forces will continue to work everywhere with uncompromising determination against terror organizations to ensure continued peace in Judea and Samaria," said Barak.