Gallery: Yemeni students call for end of regime

Nearly 3 thousand students gather in Sanaa University for 11th straight day of anti-gov't protests seeking ouster of President Saleh.

Pro-gov't protesters try to storm university
Anti-gov't protesters demand political reform
Supporters of Saleh climb tree to hang protrait
Supporters of Saleh try to jump gate to uni
Supporters of Saleh shout slogans
Yemeni pro-gov't protester weilds dagger
SANAA, Yemen— Some 3,000 students protested at Sanaa University in the Yemeni capital, calling for the country's long serving US-backed president to step down.
Sunday's demonstration marks the 11th straight day of anti-government protests in Yemen. On Saturday, riot police fired on marchers, killing one and injuring five. Seven have been killed since the unrest began.

Yemen riot police shoot dead anti-gov't protester
Obama condemns violence in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen
The protesters seek to oust longtime President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a key US ally in the fight against al-Qaida, and have been inspired by uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.
Marching students chanted and carried signs reading "Get out Ali for the sake of future generations" and "Leave, leave!"
Riot police watched the march but have not yet intervened. Past protests were often attacked by government supporters, degenerating into riots.