Hamas police found 'boy band' in Gaza

Camouflage-clad band members sing about Hamas heroes, Islamist values, love for Palestine.

hamas security force 224 (photo credit: AP [file])
hamas security force 224
(photo credit: AP [file])
In an attempt to widen its popular appeal, Hamas has founded its own boy band. A Hamas official told Sky News on Wednesday that The Protectors of the Homeland, made up of members of Hamas's police force in Gaza, is meant to "raise [the public's] spirit through entertainment and encourage the troops." The Hamas-affiliated PA police commander, Jamal al-Jarah, put the group together after Hamas took over the Gaza Strip in June. The Protectors, rather than singing about love and sex, croon about Hamas heroes, Islamist values and love of Palestine. One song addresses the issue of Jerusalem and jihad. "O Jerusalem, rest assured we are the sacrifice. I will not retreat from my jihad, I will not back down," the lyrics promise. Group member Hussam Abu Abdu told Sky News that the group aimed "to entertain, to help ease the people's suffering," and, at the same time, to "deliver a message about morals and values."