Hamas policemen raid Gaza university office

University says policemen entered campus, attacked students who were demonstrating in favor of unity between Islamist movement and Fatah.

The Al-Azhar University in Gaza City on Wednesday accused Hamas policemen of storming the office of its president and abusing him verbally.
The university said that Hamas policemen in civilian clothes raided the office during a meeting between the president and board of trustees.
Earlier, the university said that Hamas policemen entered the campus and attacked several students who were demonstrating in favor of unity between the Islamist movement and Fatah.
“The policemen used clubs to beat the students,” said an eyewitness.
“Hamas said that this was an illegal demonstration organized by Fatah.”
Sources in the Gaza Strip said that Hamas security officers also used force to break up a similar demonstration by students at the Al-Quds University.
Two students were hurt during the assault and taken to the hospital, the sources added.
Human rights activists in the Gaza Strip said that at least 50 people were injured during clashes between Hamas policemen and demonstrators on Tuesday.
The clashes erupted when Hamas policemen raided the Katiba Square west of Gaza City to disperse thousands of Palestinians who were participating in a rally calling for an end to the Hamas-Fatah dispute.
The rally was part of a Facebook campaign entitled “The people want an end to division.” According to the activists, the wounded included journalists, women and children.
Taher a-Nunu, spokesman for the Hamas government, accused Fatah supporters of trying to hijack the prounity rallies.
Fatah, he claimed, tried to exploit the rally to create chaos and anarchy in the Gaza Strip. He said that Fatah supporters were the ones who initiated the violence by attacking Hamas members who wanted to participate in the rally.