Hezbollah releases new campaign in Hebrew claiming to operate within Israel

The new campaign features threats in Hebrew and menacing images spread by the organization through Twitter in an attempt to scare Israelis.

A Hezbollah fighter stands at a watch tower at Juroud Arsal, the Syria-Lebanon border (photo credit: REUTERS)
A Hezbollah fighter stands at a watch tower at Juroud Arsal, the Syria-Lebanon border
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Shi’ite terrorist organization based in Lebanon upped the ante in its ongoing war of words with Israel, taking to social media on Saturday night to threaten the country and its citizens in Hebrew.
A tweet by the Central Military Information, Hezbollah’s military wing, appears as the latest stage in the terrorist organization’s psychological- warfare front. The tweet included several images, while its caption was written in Hebrew as well as in Arabic, saying: “Whoever thinks they are following us, don’t forget to look behind your back.”
According to the tweet, the pictures were taken “at one of the Israeli settlements that are situated along the border between Israel and Lebanon.”
This use of the Hebrew language and bold images are certainly not Hezbollah’s first attempt at conveying a direct threat to Israelis, especially targeting the residents of the Jewish state’s northern region. The terrorist group also released images from within Israeli territory that appears to be far from the border with Lebanon as well as aerial shots of Israel.
Part of an ongoing campaign the Shi’ite organization has been running, other threatening images that recently surfaced online feature IDF officers who appear to be patrolling the northern border and military posts near the border.
Hezbolla activity in Southern Lebanon "Green Without Borders" (IDF)
As Hezbollah tries to convey to Israel that it can and does infiltrate Israeli territory, recent reports alleged that Lebanese shepherds are being used by the terrorist group as “eyes,” taking pictures of IDF patrols on the border and covertly documenting Israeli presence in the area for Hezbollah.
Arab commentators assessed that the new scare campaign comes as a reaction to the one they claim Israel has come out with, particularly the somewhat taunting posts of the IDF spokesperson in Arabic, Avichay Adraee.
Adraee regularly uses his influence on social media to respond to threats by terrorist organizations that try to intimidate Israel.
He directly threatened Hezbollah recently by issuing a stern threat against the group in a Facebook post that included images of the group’s operatives.
Last year, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit released two videos in which it demonstrated how Hezbollah gathers intelligence along Israel’s border while sending its operatives undercover to pretend to be Israelis.
One of the videos unveils the connection between Hezbollah and an organization dubbed “Green Without Borders,” which acted as an environmental NGO but had really been used by the terrorist group to disguise an espionage ring that attempted to spy on Israel.
Among the details that were revealed in the video, a Hezbollah owned vehicle could be seen parked next to a watchtower after it left a Hezbollah base. In the next frame, an organization operative exits the car and films the area of Israel’s northern border.
An additional video shows two Hezbollah operatives patrolling and filming the border, which they appear to have done on several occasions.
The videos provided evidence to what Israel, as well as other parties, have said over the years constitutes as violations by Hezbollah of the UN Security Council’s Resolution 1701, which the council is set to discuss next week.