Khamenei's 'Tweet of the year': A grammatically incorrect threat to Israel

Khamenei relives thinly-veiled threat to the Jewish State; destroys international community's grammar standards.

Khamenei on a computer screen (photo credit: INGIMAGE,REUTERS)
Khamenei on a computer screen
(photo credit: INGIMAGE,REUTERS)
For the third year running, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Twitter followers chose a tweet threatening the destruction of the State of Israel as the leader's best tweet of the year.
Khamenei often tweets both thinly-veiled threats against Israel and the US, along with Holocaust denial, from his official Twitter account. Accessing the micro-blogging site from Iran is difficult due to strict Internet censorship in the Islamic Republic.
The chosen tweet, which was announced on Thursday, reads: “Zionist Regime will not see 25 years later," an ominous yet poorly worded prediction for Khamenei's 197,000 to have chosen.
Khamenei had asked his followers to choose their favorite tweet from the past 12 months in commemoration of the Iranian New Year, the Nowruz.
The Nowruz is celebrated by the Iranian people as the first day of spring. Celebrations this year will take place on Sunday, and the preparations have already begun in earnest. Khamenei's Nowruz message to the Iranian people will be translated into three languages: English, Arabic and Urdu.