US pro-gun lobby to 'Ayatollahs of Iran': You haven't met alligator wrestlers, cowboys of America

NRA ad featuring gravel-voiced American Country singer makes rounds on the Internet Wednesday for it's brazen threat directed at Iran.

Charlie Daniels (photo credit: screenshot)
Charlie Daniels
(photo credit: screenshot)
As part of a recent video campaign series by the US National Rifle Association, one clip featuring a gravel-voiced American Country singer was making rounds on the Internet Wednesday for it's address directed at Iran rather than who they deem as anti-gun liberals.
In the video interspersed with iconic black-and-white images of the United States, Country Music legend Charlie Daniels dons a cowboy hat depicting the stereotypical image of the 'Wild West' while threatening the "Ayatollahs of Iran" to " listen up."
“You might have met our fresh-faced flower child president and his weak-kneed, Ivy League friends, but you haven’t met America,” he begins his oration.
NRA threat to "Ayatollas of Iran"
"You haven't met the heartland, or the people who will defend this nation with their bloody, calloused, bare hands, if that's what it takes," his narration continues. "You haven't met the steelworkers and the hard-rock miners, or the swamp folks in Cajun country who can wrestle a full-grown gator out of the water."
"You haven’t met the farmers, the cowboys, the loggers and the truck drivers," he adds. "You don’t know the mountain men who live off the land, or the brave cops who fight the good fight in the urban war zones"
"No, you’ve never met America. And you oughta pray you never do," he warns.
The ad promoting the contested pro-gun lobby was originally uploaded to the NRA's YouTube on March 22.
While the current US administration's foreign policy on Iran has garnered a mixed response among the pubic, the country also faces a fierce debate on gun control.