Iran tests surface-to-sea missiles

"Silkworms" have 110-km range, unclear if they can carry nuclear warheads.

iran silkworm missile 88 (photo credit: )
iran silkworm missile 88
(photo credit: )
Iran has successfully tested surface-to-sea missiles with a range of 110 kilometers (68 miles), Iranian state television reported Monday. The testing of the Silkworm missiles was the most important project of Monday's military maneuvers in southern Iran, the television said. It said the Silkworms have a speed of 290 kilometers per hour and a range of 110 kilometers. They can detect targets from a distance of 15 kilometers and have the capacity to destroy a warship. The report did not say whether the missiles could carry nuclear warheads. Iran's armed forces began their biggest military maneuvers Friday in national waters in the Sea of Oman and Indian Ocean, close to Pakistan. The drills involved submarines, warships, missiles, jet fighters and gunships. On Sunday, Iran commissioned its second domestically-built submarine, a vessel that can fire missiles and torpedoes simultaneously. According to recent reports, Germany has agreed to sell Israel two Dolphin submarines for a deeply discounted price. According to Jane's Defense Weekly, it has the capability to launch cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. Iran produces the Shahab-3 missile, capable of reaching Israel and US forces stationed in the region. Since 1992, it also has produced its own tanks, armored personnel carriers, missiles and a fighter plane.
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