Iran TV: We, Hezbollah, have missiles that can hit Israel, US bases

Animation comes amid heightened rhetoric coming from Iran and its leadership towards Israel

Iran displays its arsenal of missiles (photo credit: Courtesy)
Iran displays its arsenal of missiles
(photo credit: Courtesy)
IRINN TV (Iran) recently unveiled their long-range missile capabilities on TV by airing an animation called “The Rise of the Missiles,” covering different missile types and their approximate range, according to reports from Memri.
One of the types of missiles mentioned is the Fateh-110, which reportedly have been supplied to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon, who now have the capability to strike anywhere in Israel.
Another missile discussed was the Ghiam, a long-range missile designed to target US military bases throughout the Middle East and the more known Fajr-3 and Fajr-5, which have been used by Hamas.
The longest ranged missile, the Sejiil, which carries a 650 kg payload and has a 2,000 km range, was also mentioned in the animation.
Narrator: "In 2006, Sejjil, the 23-ton Iranian giant – with its 650 kg warhead and 2,000-kilometer range – began to roar. Since this missile uses solid fuel, it can be ready for launch within minutes. After launching [the missile], the launcher [can] leave the place quickly. This capability minimizes the possibility of pre-launch destruction.
"In addition, the Sejjil's very high velocity – about 4,300 meters per second – makes it effectively impossible for the enemy to intercept it. It will destroy its targets in the [Israeli] occupied lands in less than seven minutes.
The animation also noted that the Ghiam Missile’s “purpose is to destroy America’s military bases…[It can] be launched from special silos, launchers and submarines."
In reference to Palestinian terrorist organizations, the animation said that the Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets allowed them to make it “possible for the Palestinian Mujahideen to turn the Zionist regime's various cities into targets."