Iranian police arrested 50 women for 'un-Islamic' dress

Morality police detain women in boots and leggings.

Iranian women wearing Western-style clothing‏ (photo credit: IRANIAN MEDIA)
Iranian women wearing Western-style clothing‏
(photo credit: IRANIAN MEDIA)
Morality police arrested a number of women for immodest dress in Tehran last week, according to reports from the Islamic Republic.
Officers reportedly confronted and arrested a big group of women walking near Vanak square, in an affluent area of the Iranian capital's northern region.
According to police, they were guilty of wearing "shameful and immoral dress in public," not in accordance with the Islamic code, which was put in place by Ayatollah Khomeini in the beginning of 1981. He ordered covering all the parts of the body except the face and wrists.
Some of the women's husbands tried to stop the arrests, to no avail, running to clothing stores to buy their wives more suitable attire.
The women were detained for several hours and then were forced to sign a statement not to repeat their actions and to follow the Islamic and Iranian culture traditions.
The latest fashion trend for Iranian ladies is high heeled winter boots with tight leggings ("supports" in Persian). This style is considered a symbol of social status for young women, as well as a revolt against the strict rules of the regime.