Iraqi woman testifies at Shi'ite crackdown trial

An Iraqi woman testified Wednesday about losing her husband and unborn child during the brutal suppression of a 1991 Shi'ite uprising in the second day of a capital trial of former regime officials charged with crimes against humanity for their roles in the crackdown. Kamila Iyad Hadi, who lives near the southern city of Basra, said four military officers broke into their house on March 19, 1991, and detained her husband. She was pregnant at the time but lost the baby when she jumped over a wall to flee the agents. Hadi, who cried as she told her story from behind a curtain, said she returned home after a few days in the hospital to find her house had been leveled as part of Saddam Hussein's scorched earth campaign. A year later, she was told her husband had been executed. "The only thing I know about my husband is that his name was among the lists of mass graves victims," she said.