ISIS prank TV show for Ramadan arouses Egyptian angst

'Mini ISIS', a daily show broadcast in Egypt after the fast-breaking Iftar meal, allegedly promotes ISIS propaganda.

Egyptian prank tv show
'Mini ISIS,' a new prank show airing on Egyptian TV daily during the fasting month of Ramadan, is under fierce attack in Egypt for allegedly providing free screen time for Islamic State propaganda.
In each episode, the show's anchor leads the guest, usually a well-known Egyptian actor or singer, to a ghost-house that is later seized by actors who pretend to be ISIS fighters.
These "fighters" are dressed in military uniforms, carry guns and fire into the air to scare their "hostage" and film video of the latter pledging allegiance to ISIS, with flags of the terror organization in the background.
Every episode ends with "ISIS" fighters explaining to their "hostage" that he was pranked and taking a selfie picture with him.
The controversial TV series sparked outrage among many Egyptians, and especially a group of Egyptian Members of Parliament who demanded to halt the show's broadcast.
MP Mustafa Bakri submitted to Egyptian Prime Minister a request to stop the broadcast of the show for its negative effect on society.
"Some TV channels broadcast shows that might damage the reputation of  Egyptian society as well as the reputation of prominent Egyptian symbols, such as Mini ISIS. They do so in order to gain financial income at the expense of the nation's reputation," Bakri said.
"'Mini ISIS' provides free propaganda for ISIS and promotes its criminal acts as if they were a normal thing," Bakri added.