From topless model to ISIS bride

An ex-British topless model has been suspected of contact with an Islamic State recruiter online, claiming she found "peace" through Islam.

Woman in a bikini (Illustrative) (photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
Woman in a bikini (Illustrative)
(photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
An ex-page three topless model has been groomed online to become a bride for an Islamic State jihadist, according to British media.
The former Page 3 model, Kimberley Miners, who posed for the UK's Sun topless, has used Facebook to contact a British fighter in Syria under the pseudonym Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya.
Miners spoke to the Sunday Times and said her interest in Islam came last year and she found "peace" through Islam.
The newspaper alleges that Miners has pictures in a full veil or just with her blue eyes showing. Miners also said she has been abused when going out in Islamic dress in public.
The ex-model denied wanting to marry a jihadist but did admit to traveling to Turkey twice for a holiday.
Miners mentioned: "I've gone from glamour model to something completely different. But that again makes you wonder. You don't get s*** for wearing nowt [nothing] but the second you start wearing the veil you get accused of extremism."
The man who Miners is allegedly speaking with is Abu Usamah Al-Britani, believed to be a recruiter for ISIS. Al-Britani has had his Facebook account shut down frequently and shared his disabled Instagram account, commenting: "Why do they even bother blocking when i just return back again and again. Die in your rage kaafirs," according to the Daily Mail.
In 2013, Briton Sally Jones, a mother of two, converted to Islam and traveled to ISIS-controlled territory reportedly to marry a jihadi she met online.
Michelle Malka Grossman contributed to this article.