Is ISIS planning attack for 9/11?

Tweets on an ISIS-affiliated Twitter account hint at potential terrorist attack plot.

ISIS militant. (photo credit: REUTERS)
ISIS militant.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A Twitter account associated with the Islamic State sent out tweets on Monday hinting at a potential attack to be carried out inside the US on the upcoming 14 year anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
A tweet published on an accountunder the name of Abu Mohammed al-Khorasani read, "Peace on the P.K. [a kind Russian machine gun] Its shots are thematic (rhymes) It strikes America. Our State is victorious," according to The Investigative Project on Terrorism, a non-profit research group.
The tweet was accompanied by the hashtags #11september, #killallamericans, and #ILLINOIS.
Another tweet read, "SOON," and included a screenshot of a video featuring Osama Bin Laden along with photographs of the September 11 terrorists.
"Every American citizen is a legitamate [sic] target for us," read another tweet. The account includes multiple references to the Islamic State and has a number photos of ISIS warriors and symbolism. One tweet read, "You have the aircraft, you have the rockets, you have the launchers, we have explosive belts to kill U," followed by the hashtag #IslamicState.
The photo that accompanied the tweet shows what appears to be either a bus or a train car full of explosive devices.
This is not the first time the Islamic State threatened the US.
In April, ISIS militants released a video clip threatening to exact a 9/11- style attack against the United States, according to reports by The New York Post. The clip called on ISIS supporters to target Americans on their own soil.
Following the release of the clip, the FBI launched an investigation into a possible Islamic State-inspired terrorism plot at Los Angeles National Airport.
The investigation started after intercepted communication and other intelligence information that led officials to believe that a plot could be under way.