ISIS commander forced to make deadly 'Game of Thrones' walk of shame

An Iraqi ISIS commander captured in Libya was forced to walk around the town in the nude in a Game of Thrones style humiliation.

(photo credit: ISLAMIC SOCIAL MEDIA)
In an ultimate act of shame reminiscent of an infamous scene from TV series Game of Thrones, an ISIS leader was paraded around the streets of Libya naked before being being executed, The Daily Beast reported.
A jihadi group fighting ISIS in Libya captured the ISIS commander in Derna, a strategic port city, where ISIS has previously held a strong presence. The local ISIS commander, believed to be an Iraqi native named Abu-Ali al-Anbari, was stripped naked and forced to walk the city before being hung in the public gallows.
The public spectacle was created intentionally to mirror the gruesome propaganda videos which ISIS has become notorious for. The commander's 'walk of shame' and subsequent execution were done to send a message to locals that those who support the terrorist organization are likely to face the same fate.
ISIS has been gaining traction in Libya due to political instability in the region. The city of Derna has been a breeding ground for terrorist groups trying to expand control in Libya.
“We continue to closely monitor the deteriorating security situation in Libya, which is being exploited by ISIS and several other terrorist organizations,” a US intelligence official reported to The Daily Beast.