Jordan Brotherhood calls for arrests after clashes

Islamic Action Front call comes after anti-, pro-government forces clash in city of Mafraq in northern Jordan.

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood supporters_311 (photo credit: Reuters/Muhammad Hamed )
Jordan Muslim Brotherhood supporters_311
(photo credit: Reuters/Muhammad Hamed )
The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan demanded Saturday that Amman arrest the perpetrators of violence between pro- and anti-government demonstrators in the city of Mafraq northeast of the Jordanian capital Friday.
"The government must determine the circumstances of what happened, and quickly arrest the perpetrators," the Islamist group said via a written statement.
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The Brotherhood alleged in their statement that members a local pro-government tribe attacked anti-government demonstrators in Mafraq, at one point besieging a number of them in a mosque.
"The group proceeded to the pelt the demonstration with rocks and rubble, and slam them with pieces of metal and wood which injured dozens," the statement read.
The Brotherhood said that government supporters burned their offices in the city some 70 km northeast of Amman.
Jordanian anit- and pro-government protesters clashed in Mafraq Friday. Police interfered to stop the violence, firing tear gas to disperse demonstrators, according to AFP.
The Bani Hassan tribe of Jordan, which supports the current Jordanian regime, said that it would prevent the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, called the Islamic Action Front, in Jordan from making demonstrations.
"We warn [the Islamic Action Front] not to hold any meeting in Mafraq or any other Jordanian city, because all cities belong to Jordanian Tribes," the group said in a statement Thursday.