Jordan to treat PA staff ill from suspicious mail

Jordan offered medical treatment Wednesday for two Palestinians who complained of breathing problems and other ailments after opening a suspicious letter sent to the office of the Palestinian prime minister. The Palestinian government workers were scheduled to undergo tests at King Hussein Medical City in Amman, said Palestinian chief of mission Atta Khairy. On Tuesday, a senior Palestinian official in the West Bank said that initial lab tests detected no poisons in the letter sent to the office of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Further analysis is expected on the letter, which arrived Monday in the West Bank with a postmark from Tel Aviv, Israel. The two employees said they were overcome by a strong smell after opening the letter and were hospitalized, complaining of headaches, breathing difficulties and weakness in the legs. Jordan's government spokesman, Nasser Judeh, told reporters that the offer for medical care was based on "humanitarian grounds" and not a sign of easing tensions between Jordan and the Palestinian government.