Jerusalem protests Jordanian minister walking on Israeli flag

Ghunaimat was on her way to a meeting with other government officials. Prime Minister Omar Razaz reportedly entered the building through a side entrance.

Jordanian Jumana Ghunaimat (photo credit: JFRANEWS)
Jordanian Jumana Ghunaimat
(photo credit: JFRANEWS)
The Foreign Ministry called in Jordan’s deputy ambassador Mohammed Hamid on Sunday to protest a Jordanian minister walking on an Israeli flag on the way to a meeting at Amman’s Trade Union headquarters last week.
Information Minister and government spokesperson Jumana Ghunaimat was photographed last week walking over the flag painted on the floor at the entrance to the building. Prime Minister Omar Razzaz reportedly avoiding stepping on the flag by entering the building through a side entrance.
Jordan’s trade unions have long been at the forefront of opposition to normalization with Israel, despite the peace treaty that exists between the two countries.
The Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that it views the flag incident with “gravity,” and that in addition to summoning the deputy ambassador to protest, a sharply worded protest was sent by Israel’s embassy in Amman to the Jordanian foreign ministry.
In October, Jordan announced the cancellation of the lease renewal that allows Israel to use land at Naharayim (Baqura) near the Kinneret and part of Zofar (al Ghamar), near Eilat.