Jordanian politician: 'I'd rather set myself on fire than sign gas deal with Israel'

Jordanian MP Hind al-Fayez alludes to Israel as "Satan"; says in TV interview that Amman should not use the national deficit as a pretext for an agreement with Israel.

Jordanian MP Hind Al-Fayez: I'd rather set myself on fire than sign gas deal with Israel
Jordanian MP Hind al-Fayez called a Jordanian-Israeli gas deal "dealings with Satan," in a televised interview on the Jordanian-British ANB TV channel posted by the the Middle East Media Research Institute on Wednesday.
In a debate about energy options for Jordan, al-Fayez said that in order to stay warm, she would rather "...use firewood or even set myself on fire, but I will never import Israeli gas."
"We should not use the Jordanian deficit as a pretext to justify dealing with Satan," she said.
Al-Fayez accused Israel of conspiring to damage Jordan's honor. "They want to starve, enfeeble and exhaust our people...The Jordanian Kingdom has had dealings with Satan since 1994, but where has it gotten us?"
When one of the other commentators said that Israel can simply sign a deal with a different country, she responded by saying that "The boycott spells Israel's death."
Condemning Israel a "parasitical plague," she continued, saying that "We do not share a common language or religion with it [Israel]. It will remain a plundering occupier."