Kim Kardashian West endorses spoken word album about Armenian genocide

Kardashian is of Armenian heritage, Friday marked the 105th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

Kim Kardashian (photo credit: REUTERS)
Kim Kardashian
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Model and reality television star Kim Kardashian-West endorsed a spoken word album titled The Serpent and The Crane in honor of the 105th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.
The album, by Alan Semerdjian and Aram Bajakian, deals with Armenian history and “addressed the complexities of the Armenian Genocide and its denial over the past century to new audiences through an imaginative lens.”  
In another post, she expressed her pride that the US recognized the Armenian genocide, which it did in 2019.  
Kardashian, an internationally known celebrity who is also married to rapper Kenya West, is known in the Armenian diaspora for her commitment to the memory of the Armenian genocide.  
Turkey denies that Armenians in Turkey were systematically targeted and abused between 1914 to 1923 and argues that crimes and deportations took place, but not due to any official plan. While many countries, among them the US and Canada recognize the Armenian genocide Israel does not. This despite the fact many Armenians who live in the country are the children and grandchildren of 20,000 Armenians who fled to Jerusalem seeking refuge during those years.  
The Armenian genocide had been documented in fiction and movies such as the 1933 novel The Forty Days of Musa Dagh by Franz Werfel and the 2002 film Ararat
It is accepted by most historians that Adolf Hitler told his officers before the Nazi invasion of Poland "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" As evidence that his plan to murder the Jews of Europe will not be met with much resistance.