King Abdullah urges Hamas to renounce violence

Jordan's King Abdullah II urged the radical Hamas movement Tuesday to engage in peacemaking with Israel and renounce violence. Speaking to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, Abdullah said Hamas' landslide election victory last week was "the choice of the Palestinian people and we respect their will," according to a statement from the king's press office. The king stressed it was important that "all sides in the Palestinian territories understand the requirements of this period, deal with it logically, and prove to the whole world that there is a Palestinian partner able to go forward to achieve peace." Abbas had a closed-door meeting with the king on the first stop of a tour designed to ensure that Arab nations continue to support the Palestinian Authority after the Hamas victory. Abbas was expected to fly to Egypt later Tuesday. Abdullah urged the international community to continue to support the Palestinian Authority. "The Palestinian people, who already suffer from dire economic woes, will pay the price of the hesitation in providing international support," the king said.