Kuwait gov't criticizes Shiites who eulogized Mughniyeh

The Kuwaiti government on Monday criticized Kuwaiti Shiite Muslims who took part in a ceremony eulogizing Hizbullah's slain commander, Imad Mughniyeh, and warned that it could cause civil strife. Hundreds of Shiites gathered Saturday in a suburb of Kuwait City to mourn Mughniyeh, who was killed in a car bomb last week in Syria, as a martyr and hero. The ceremony drew condemnation from the country's majority Sunni Muslims, who accuse Mughniyeh of being linked to a 1988 hijacking of a Kuwait Airways flight that left two Kuwaiti passengers dead. "The Cabinet regrets and condemns the eulogizing and glorifying by some of a terrorist whose hands have been stained with the blood of martyrs," said a Cabinet statement carried by the official Kuwait News Agency. His death was a "just punishment from God," so the souls of the two Kuwaitis would rest in peace, it added.