Lahoud: Anti-Syrians working with Israel's allies

Lebanon's pro-Damascus President, Emile Lahoud, accused the country's anti-Syrian majority Monday of working with "foreign powers allied to Israel." In a letter to the French-language Lebanese daily L'Orient Le Jour, Lahoud again said he would not step down before his term ends in 2007. "Today, the parliamentary majority, with the aid of foreign powers allied to Israel, is dividing the Lebanese with the well-known goal of weakening Lebanon," Lahoud said. Lebanon's anti-Syrian parliamentary majority recently stepped up its campaign to oust Lahoud, who they claim implements Syrian policies in Lebanon. In September 2004, when parliament had a pro-Syrian majority, it approved a constitutional amendment extending Lahoud's term by three years. The anti-Syrian alliance last week announced a new push to oust Lahoud, but it lacks the two-thirds majority needed in the 128-member parliament to shorten his term. They have instead been holding mass rallies and have tried to mobilize public opinion against him.