Larsen rules out Hizbullah's disarmament by force

The United Nations' Mideast envoy, Terje Roed-Larsen, ruled out on Sunday the possibility of disarming Hizbullah by force, saying the militant guerrilla group should disband like other rival civil war militias did and be integrated into the Lebanese army. Roed-Larsen spoke at a news conference wrapping up a four-day visit to Beirut during which he held talks with Lebanese officials on implementing a 2004 UN Security Council resolution that calls for Hezbollah and Palestinian guerrillas in Lebanon to disarm. "We don't believe that it is indeed possible to go down south (Lebanon) and into the Beka'a Valley (in the east) and take away the weapons of Hizbullah. This is impossibility and an irrelevant issue," he told reporters. "But we do believe is that is what should happen with all Lebanese militias, and Hizbullah is the last remaining significant Lebanese militia - that is that they should be molded into the Lebanese army," he said.