'Lebanon raids Mossad spies' flat'

'As-Safir' newspaper reports that sophisticated equipment found in brothers' "operation room."

The Lebanese Army raided the apartment of brothers Ali and Yousouf Jarrah, who are accused of being Mossad spies in the country, the Lebanese As-Safir newspaper reported Tuesday. The paper claimed it had exclusive pictures of the brothers' "operation room" in which sophisticated communications and surveillance equipment was found - the like of which is not sold on the Lebanese market - and which proved that the brothers engaged in espionage. The paper added that it would not publish the pictures. According to a similar report published last week by As-Safir, Lebanese security officials told the paper that the spies worked to pass information to the Mossad about a range of Lebanese activities, both through pictures of military and civilian installations, and through spoken contact. In a statement released by the Lebanese army and quoted in the report, both members of the spy ring confessed to gathering information about politicians and their parties. The paper also reported that in addition to collecting information about Lebanese activities, the spies noted Syrian activities in the country. The paper further reported that the brothers' apartment was located on a main road that leads from Lebanon to Syria. Hizbullah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah was due to give a speech Tuesday morning for the first time responding to the reports of the alleged Israeli spy ring operating in Lebanon, according to the paper.