Lebanon to protest air, sea blockade to UNSC

The Lebanese government decided Monday to protest to the UN Security Council over Israel's blockade of the country and call on it to force Israel to lift the siege. The government move came two days after Lebanese legislators began an open-ended sit-in at the Parliament building to protest the Israeli blockade of Beirut's airport and the country's seaports, which began two days after fighting erupted on July 12 between Israeli troops and Hizbullah guerrillas. Israel says it is not required under the cease-fire resolution to lift its blockade until Lebanese borders and points of entry are secured to prevent weapons shipments to Hizbullah. It wants a UN peacekeeping force deploying in the south to also take positions on the Lebanese-Syrian border to stop shipments - but the force is not mandated to deploy there. "The Cabinet has decided to file a complaint with the Security Council against Israel for its continued blockade of Lebanon, its violation of international resolutions ... and its insistence to challenge the international will," Information Minister Ghazi Aridi told reporters after a special Cabinet meeting.