Nasrallah urges US oil embargo over Gaza violence

The US can stop Israeli "aggression" by making a simple phone call, Hezbollah chief says, urges action from Arab states.

Nasarallah adresses crowd in Beirut (photo credit: REUTERS)
Nasarallah adresses crowd in Beirut
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Arab countries must withhold oil from the US to force them to end support for Israel's "aggression" in the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Thursday night according to the Lebanon Now online news agency.
"The US can, if it wants to, stop the aggression on Gaza by making a simple phone call," Nasrallah said. "Arabs should exert pressure by decreasing the amount of oil exported, or by increasing the price of oil, thus, the economies of Western countries would be threatened and pressure would [force] the US and Israel to stop the aggression on Gaza."
Oil prices rose more than $1 to a one-week high as the violence between Israel and Palestinian terrorists continued to escalate.
Nasrallah touted his group's battles with the IDF in the 2006 Lebanon War, and hinted that Israel was changing its strategy based on lessons learned in Lebanon. "We notice that the enemy has benefited from its previous aggressions; it benefited from its 2006 attack on Lebanon," he said. "The enemy announces a group of objectives from their aggression that do not match its real objectives, so that if they lose the battle they can say that they reached their goals."
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The IDF says it is launching strikes in Gaza in order to return quiet to residents of southern Israel, who have faced incessant rocket attacks for the better part of a decade.
"We do not want to embarrass anyone or outbid anyone, but the Arab and Muslims countries must take a firm stance," said Nasrallah.