Palestinian police brutally beat 16-year-old boy during protest

The incident was caught on video last Friday after police descended upon protester demonstrating against Jews visiting the Temple Mount.

Palestinian boy beaten by police in West Bank
The Palestinian Authority on Sunday announced a series of punitive measures following the brutal beating of a Palestinian boy during a demonstration in Bethlehem.
The incident, which took place last Friday, was caught on video, which has since gone viral on social media.
The video shows a number of Palestinian anti-riot policemen beating a 16-year-old boy during a demonstration in protest against visits by Jews to the Temple Mount.
Following the incident, the PA formed a commission of inquiry and said that the policemen acted in violation of orders.
On Sunday, the commission decided to dismiss four high-ranking police officers, including deputy commander of the Bethlehem Police, Essam Nabhan.
The three other officers who were dismissed from their jobs are Shaher al-Qaisi, Mahmoud Abu Mweis and Sameeh Yusef.
All four will face disciplinary hearings for their role in the assault, the commission ruled.
The commission also sentenced five other policemen to three months in prison. They were identified as: Jamal Hamdan, Bassem Smoudi, Ribhi Hanoun, Ezaldin Dib and Muath Abed. In addition, the commission decided to delay their promotion for one year.
On Saturday, scores of Bethlehem residents protested outside the headquarters of the PA security forces in the city, chanting slogans against PA President Mahmoud Abbas. The protesters called for Abbas’s resignation and accused him of being an “American agent.”